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  • "A" Rating from Heritage Alliance
    (only candidate in this race to receive an "A")
  • 100% Rating from Denton County Republican Assembly Candidate Issue Survey
    (only candidate in this race to receive this score)


  • Sheriff Tracy Murphree
  • Representatives - Pat Fallon, Ron Simmons, Tan Parker, Dr. Lynn Stucky
  • Commissioners - Ron Marchant, Hugh Coleman, Andy Eads
  • Constables - Jerry Raburn and his wife Avie Raburn, Tim Burch, Richard Bachus, Johnny Hammons
  • County Clerk - Juli Luke


It is an honor to offer my support and vote for Chance Oliver as Denton's next Juvenile Court Judge in the April 13th Run-off Election. Chance Oliver is an exceptional individual professionally, as well as personally. As both an experienced courtroom prosecutor and a private practice attorney, Chance Oliver has a combined total of 16 years of experience affecting positive change in both youth and their families. He consistently demonstrates professionalism, strong moral character, and a deep-seated knowledge of the legal system ~ along with great wisdom and common sense. These professional qualities are needed in a great judge.

Personally, I have witnessed him selflessly serve countless individuals in our neighborhood, school and community. He demonstrates numerous personal characteristics that would prove to be an asset in the position of a judge in the Juvenile Court. He is hard-working, patient, thorough, a great problem-solver and an individual of upmost integrity. He is a devoted husband and father to his and his wife, Blanca's, four children. He is passionate about actively making a difference in the lives of youths and their families.... and he puts actions behind his words.

Chance Oliver has earned my respect and my vote as I have watched him live out his faith and his passion to serve other individuals in our neighborhood, school and community. Denton County would greatly benefit having Chance Oliver as its next juvenile court judge. We need him to make a positive difference in our community. I am thankful he is willing to actively and passionately serve in this capacity.

Candace Snyder
Denton County

What an honor to support my friend of more than 15 years, Chance Oliver, in the April 13th runoff. He is the most conservative and most qualified candidate for Juvenile Court. Chance's mother abandoned him and his siblings at age 3. By 7, he was on his 2nd stepmom with 3 more siblings. Drugs, alcohol, and domestic violence were common place in his home.

Today Chance is a successful attorney. His sister's a retired FBI Special Agent and his brother's an active Secret Service Special Agent. They are compelling examples of overcoming obstacles and beating the odds.

Chance's commitment to kids goes beyond a servant's heart. He has connected with at-risk youth all his life, but his challenges have taught him to never expect a handout, that hard work pays dividends in life. His understanding of the path these juveniles have walked gives him insight that law books can't provide. Kids respond to people with whom they identify.

As a juvenile prosecutor and juvenile defense attorney, Chance has the experience to serve as Judge. He'll be patient, self-sufficient and hard-working, which are attributes that life (not courtroom experience) has taught him.

Chance is an incredible husband, father and stepfather to his oldest. His brood has been in my home on many occasions. His dedication to his wife, 4 children and hundreds of children he mentors as Baseball Commissioner at Prestonwood Baptist best demonstrates his philosophical beliefs in ways words cannot express.

Denton County needs Chance Oliver as its next Juvenile Judge.

Niki Garcia
Denton County

With Chance, you are not taking a chance in our county's future. Rather, your vote for him will serve as a wise investment for the benefit of Denton County. Visit to learn about an outstanding man of character.

Once elected as presiding judge of Denton County's only designated juvenile court, Chance would devote his entire body and soul toward making our county strong, safe and productive.

I've watched Chance interact with youth at my children's school and in our community and he seeks to know children by name. Chance exudes professionalism, strong moral character, a deep-seated knowledge of the legal system and wisdom.

Chance would bring years of legal expertise and deep community involvement with various groups including Big Brothers/Big Sisters to the juvenile court. As a husband and father of four, Chance also would bring a unique perspective to the judge's role having worked as a prison guard for the Texas Department of Corrections and a substitute teacher in special and general education classrooms earlier in his career.

Possessing book and street smarts, Chance earned his undergraduate and Juris Doctorate degrees before attending the Experiencia Language School in Cuernavaca, Mexico, where he completed a bilingual studies program.

As a parent myself, and active member of my city and neighborhood, I encourage you to help elect Chance as our next juvenile court judge in Denton County.

Bill Kula
Plano (Denton County)

My life changed forever when I met Chance over 10 years ago. I was a single mother focused on my baby, working in a local Denton law firm and attending graduate school. A former Juvenile prosecutor, Chance joined us at the firm. I watched Chance grow and supervise the criminal law dept. where he provided juvenile and adult representation to the people of Denton County and various other counties. I'm very proud to continue working with my husband to this day.

Although he is a successful trial attorney now, he is most proud of the children he has mentored through various community and sports organizations including Big Brothers & Big Sisters where I personally have witnessed Chance's direct impact on his little brother Oscar's life. It was shortly after meeting and speaking with Oscar that I knew Chance had the tools within him to guide my own son how to be a man himself, to give and care for others, and therefore make his life matter.

Today, ours is a blended family situation much like many of the families that will come before Denton's Juvenile Court as statistics note that approximately half of all Americans are currently involved in some form of step relationship. Chance and my son's real father have become great friends. I have seen firsthand the leaps both academically and emotionally that a child can make when a step-parent and biological parent sacrificially set aside their own pride, and thereby give a child the best chance possible in life. Taking all that he is, and all that he believes, Chance is ready to be Denton County's Juvenile Judge.

Blanca, Angel, Micah, Max & Gabriela
Denton County

903 E. McKinney
Denton, TX 76209
(940) 735-2680



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